About Us

Our daycare has educated hundreds of children since 2004, and was founded by Puran Bagheri. Puran has many years of experience in childhood education. She also has extensive education in the field of early childhood education. She has an Infant/Toddler Certificate, a Special Needs Certificate, and a Montessori Diploma in addition to her Early Childhood Education Certificate.


Our philosophy is that children learn through play and interactions with others while at daycare. We respect children as future adults and believe that each child is unique. Our desire is to help these children become as independent and responsible as possible so that they can contribute to North Vancouver as adults. We educate them by encouraging their interests, as well as their cognitive, social, and physical abilities.

Through communication and cooperation with the parents, we can best understand and work with the child. To that end, we adapt what we do to the needs of each child, and in this manner accelerate each child’s individual growth. 

We believe that each child needs to develop at their own pace in a stimulating, secure, and responsive daycare environment. Through a well-planned curriculum, our goal is to provide a variety of learning experiences in all areas of development.

Bluebird Daycare North Vancouver - view of the enterance to the daycare
A North Vancouver afternoon, with the daycare kids playing basketball
Three children investigate the daycare's toddler slide
North Vancouver - upon entry into Bluebird Daycare, parents are greeted with art and a communications whiteboard
Several daycare atendees sit around a table and engage in art making
A child plays in the newly built sandbox, custom designed for Bluebird, as rainy North Vancouver weather makes sand castle building a breeze
North Vancouver - A view of the secondary playing area and the bathroom of the daycare
A play table used to stimulate the daycare children's imagination
A child dressed for North Vancouver weather, plays in the daycare's newly built sandbox
A view of the Infant / Toddler program area
Children learning to paint
Isn't getting wet playing with the water table fun?
Children playing around in little cars
New cubbies for 30 Months - School Age program
30 Month - School Age activity room
30 Month - School Age activity room
30 Month - School Age activity room
30 Month - School Age skeletal relief teaching aid